Girlsense, or was an internet site designed for pre-teen and teen girls. Girlsense encouraged self-expression and creativity and let members create their own boutique and communicate (safely) with other users online. Girlsense was free, and girls could even reach "PRO" status. Girlsense was created by the makers of, StarNet Interactive Ltd. Also, Girlsense is completely COPPA compliant, and follows the FCC guidelines for children's Internet sites and privacy, so girls under 12 could enjoy using Girlsense. Unfortunately, it was announced that on July 18th that they would be closing down forever. Members were shocked, and made boutiques to try to protest. Girlsense ended on July 18th just as they had planned. There is no information about future re-opening, but they have a message when you go to that gives you a vauge explaination. Many users will miss Girlsense and we hope to see it in the future.

R.I.P. Girlsense you will be missed :(